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America’s New Energy Future: The Unconventional Oil & Gas Revolution and the US Economy

National Petroleum Council Report: Prudent Development – Realizing the Potential of North America’s Abundant Natural Gas and Oil Resources (September 2011)

Natural Gas Price Transparency And Liquidity (October 2006)

Previous Quarterly List of Top 40 Natural Gas Producers in U.S.

Previous NGSA Summer and Winter Outlooks

NGSA 2014 Summer Outlook (June 2014)

NGSA 2013-2014 Winter Outlook (October 2013)

NGSA 2013 Summer Outlook (June 2013)

NGSA 2012-2013 Winter Outlook (October 2012)

NGSA 2012 Summer Outlook (June 2012):

NGSA 2011-2012 Winter Outlook (October 2011):

NGSA 2011 Summer Outlook (June 2011)

NGSA 2010-2011 Winter Outlook (October 2010):

NGSA 2010 Summer Outlook (June 2010)

NGSA 2009-2010 Winter Outlook (October 2009):

Summary of Natural Gas Council’s Analysis of the Lieberman-Warner Climate Regulation Bill (S. 3036) (January 2009)

NGSA 2008-2009 Winter Outlook (October 2008)

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