Analyses & Studies


Natural Gas Council Report: Weather Resilience in the Natural Gas Industry: The 2017-18 Test and Results and Executive Summary

Global and U.S. Natural Gas Producers and Consumers Data

The Cost of Preventing Baseload Retirements, A Preliminary Examination of the DOE Memorandum (BRATTLE GROUP, July 2018)

Natural Gas: Essential to a lower carbon future (PACE GLOBAL, April 2017)

Comparison of Fuels Used for Electric Generation in the U.S. – (LEIDOS, 2016 Update)

Finding the Facts on Methane Emissions:  A Guide to the Literature (April 2016)

Previous Studies

Quarterly List of Top 40 Natural Gas Producers in U.S.

FAQs “20 Questions” About Winter 2013-2014 and Natural Gas – Fact Sheet and Full Version of FAQs (June 2014)

NGSA Summer and Winter Outlooks

NGSA 2018-2019 Winter Outlook (October 2018)

NGSA 2017-2018 Winter Outlook (October 2017)

NGSA 2016-2017 Winter Outlook (October 2016)

NGSA 2016 Summer Outlook (June 2016)

NGSA 2015-2016 Winter Outlook (September 2015)

NGSA 2015 Summer Outlook (June 2015)

NGSA 2014-2015 Winter Outlook (October 2014)

Previous NGSA Summer and Winter Outlooks

Reference Materials

Background of Natural Gas
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