COVID-19 Statement

The Natural Gas Supply Association’s members continue to put the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities first.

As COVID-19 cases increase around the world, members of the Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA) are continuing operations to ensure abundant, affordable energy is available for all. As always, the safety and health of their employees, surrounding communities and customers remains their top priority. If work can’t happen safely, it won’t happen. Consequently, members are following the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines and monitoring recommendations from the World Health Organization.

During this trying time, our members are following their business continuity plans, and adjusting them as the situation develops, to maintain the sustainability of their supply chains and their ability to meet the needs of customers and partners.  (Click here for our new feature:  data on U.S. natural gas production, supply and demand, updated daily.)

To support global efforts to slow the virus’ spread, all non-essential, office-based employees are working from home. For tasks considered critical that can’t be performed off-site, offices will remain open with protocols in place, including social distancing, to prevent unnecessary exposure. Members are also carrying out robust cleaning programs, proportionate to the current risk level. Additionally, all international and domestic travel is restricted to that which is business-critical.

Members are taking extra precautions in the field as well. This includes promoting social distancing, implementing personal and environmental sanitation programs, checking employees’ temperatures, and asking questions regarding prior travel and general health.

NGSA will continue to support our members as they focus on keeping their employees, surrounding communities and customers around the world safe and healthy. We will provide updates as the situation develops.

Read more about actions our individual member companies are taking on COVID-19 below.

BP Foundation commits $2 million to WHO’s COVID-19 pandemic response fund. BP has also donated jet fuel and other materials to ensure PPE gets where it needs to be. 

Cabot Oil & Gas is working with the Susquehanna County Corornavirus Assistance Fund to help assist families with food, rent, transportation and more.

Chevron has contributed over $7 million to response efforts with direct donations to food banks, education and health services and announced measures to protect employee and customer health.

ConocoPhillips has put out a statement outlining priorities such as a employee safety and stopping the spread of the virus through the workplace.

Equinor produces Information regarding ongoing coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak, detailing employee best practices.

-ExxonMobil is working together with healthcare professionals to provide masks and other PPE materials to those on the front lines.

Sequent Energy Management Letter to Customers on Employee Precautions and Commitment to Reliable Supply.

Shell’s COVID-19 Global Response details how it is supporting  healthcare professionals with materials for mask production and supporting innovative public health measures to stop the spread of the virus.

Tenaska provided its Tenaska Coronavirus Update detailing the steps Tenaska is taking to ensure employee safety and reliable supply.

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