In light of frequent changes in market dynamics that affect the daily use and production of energy in the United States, NGSA has assembled up-to-date information about daily and weekly changes in natural gas supply and demand here. Our information comes from the U.S. Energy Information Administration and S&P Global Platts.

The entire natural gas industry is working together to make sure we’re reliably supporting all our customers, which include utilities, the power grid, hospitals, grocery stores and manufacturers of medical equipment.

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Natural Gas Supply and Demand Fundamentals

SP Global Platts has generously agreed to allow NGSA to re-publish some of Platts’ key natural gas supply and demand data here. These numbers represent a small sample of larger data sets that Platts offers to its subscribers. We are very appreciative of Platts’ willingness to share this information with the public to help answer questions about natural gas market conditions.
For more information on the data, please visit Platts.



Below are additional data from EIA tracking monthly production, consumption, and storage

Natural gas production

Natural gas consumption

Natural gas storage