March 22, 2021

NGSA and the Center for LNG Request FERC Rehearing of Weymouth Compressor Order

(Washington, D.C.) – The Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA) and the Center for LNG (CLNG) today filed a joint request for rehearing of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) Weymouth Compressor Order.

In their comments, NGSA and CLNG strongly urged the Commission to reconsider its actions in the Weymouth Order.

Casey Hollers, Director, Regulatory Affairs for NGSA, said “Revisiting final and unappealable certificates jeopardizes investment in natural gas projects by diminishing regulatory certainty.  The order has the potential to disrupt the entire permitting process for natural gas projects and, as a consequence, it can undermine the significant public and environmental benefits derived from the use of natural gas.”

NGSA’s  and CLNG’s members are shippers on FERC-jurisdictional pipelines and rely on the certainty and predictability of the FERC permitting process for entering into multiyear transactions and long-term capital commitments.

Read NGSA’s comments here.