April 22, 2021

NGSA and Center for LNG Statement on New U.S. Emissions Goals  

(Washington, D.C.) – The Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA) and the Center for LNG (CLNG) released the following joint statement on the announcement of new U.S. emissions goals today.

Dena Wiggins, President and CEO of the Natural Gas Supply Association, said:

“We believe that natural gas will play a big part in achieving the ambitious climate goals set forth by the White House today.  Natural gas makes clean energy achievable and affordable by partnering with renewables and by replacing high-emissions fuels around the world.  We are deeply committed to building a clean energy future for all.  We have embraced change and we are already dedicating our best minds and billions of dollars toward clean tech solutions such as carbon capture and hydrogen energy.  Natural gas is an essential building block of the clean energy future.”

Charlie Riedl, Executive Director of the Center for LNG, said:

“U.S. LNG is already playing a vital role in helping growing economies around the world  to reduce their emissions, improve their air quality and provide reliable energy to people who desperately need it. Furthermore, U.S. LNG exports are supporting renewable deployment across the globe, even further reducing emissions. U.S. LNG is part of the next generation of sustainable energy solutions to reducing emissions.”

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