2009 and Older

"Blue Jobs" Provide Employment to nearly 6 Million Americans and Billions in Revenue to Tax PayersJanuary 14, 2009
NGSA Congratulates Wellinghoff AppointmentJanuary 26, 2009
Windfall Profits Tax Could Cause American Job LossesFebruary 3, 2009
Natural Gas Industry Statement in Advance of President Obama’s RemarksFebruary 23, 2009
Proposed Federal Budget Plan Will Raise Natural Gas Prices & Hurt American ManufacturersFebruary 27, 2009
NGSA Congratulates Wellinghoff on his AppointmentMarch 20, 2009
NGSA Asks for "Sole-feed" Pipeline Flow Posting ExclusionApril 30, 2009
President's Budget Will Negatively Impact Natural GasMay 7, 2009
Low-Carbon Natural Gas Part of Long-Term Electrical Power Generation, FERC ToldMay 11, 2009
Draft Legislation Bad News for American Consumers of Natural GasMay 29, 2009
Changes to Financial Markets Could Severely Impact Natural Gas Customers, Warns Natural Gas Supply AssociationJune 17, 2009
American and Canadian Groups Promote Natural Gas as a Long Term Sustainable Solution for North America's Energy FutureJune 18, 2009
NGSA Expands Staff With New Director of Public AffairsJuly 9, 2009
Data on 2008 Natural Gas Transactions Underscores Strong, Diverse, Competitive Physical Natural Gas MarketJuly 22, 2009
FERC Approach to Posting of Pipeline Flow Data Facilitates Transparency and Supports Integrity of MarketAugust 31, 2009
Study Finds Natural Gas Market Transparency Outperforms All Other Commodity MarketsSeptember 11, 2009
NGSA Chairman to Address 2009-2010 Winter Natural Gas Outlook on Oct. 14September 28, 2009
Jobs, Economic and Environmental Benefits Should Convince Key Senate Allies to Support Natural Gas in Climate Debate, Says NGSASeptember 29, 2009
Coalition to Congress: Proposals Must Preserve Ability to Manage Risk, Ensure Access to Customized OTC Derivative Products October 8, 2009
"Pace of Fragile Economic Recovery a Key to 2009-2010 Natural Gas Winter Outlook" NGSA SaysOctober 14, 2009
NGSA Letter and Climate Recommendations to Senator ReidOctober 19, 2009
Strengthen Climate Change Legislation to Acknowledge Role of Natural Gas, NGSA Says in Letter to SenateOctober 19, 2009
NGSA Applauds New Senate Natural Gas CaucusOctober 22, 2009
Wrong OTC Derivatives Reform Action Could Drain $900 Billion from U.S. Economy, NGSA Says in Joint LetterDecember 8, 2009
NGSA Commends Senate for Confirmation of John Norris as FERC CommissionerDecember 28, 2009



Natural Gas Industry Leader Says Traditional Sources Will Continue to Dominate America's Energy SupplyJanuary 16, 2008
Former U.S. Senate Committee Spokesman Hired By Natural Gas Supply AssociationJanuary 17, 2008
NGSA Asks FERC to Improve Upon Proposed Capacity Release RegulationsJanuary 25, 2008
NGSA Asks FERC for Clarification on Annual Transaction Reporting ProceduresJanuary 25, 2008
Natural Gas Drilling Will Continue to Help Consumers - But Association Warns About Impact of Climate Change LegislationFebruary 18, 2008
Legislation Will Impact Natural Gas Consumers, Industry Says - Demand Will Increase by 20%March 11, 2008
Natural Gas Supply Association Asks FERC for Cost Effective Changes to Proposed RuleMarch 13, 2008
NGSA Says New FERC Regulation Should be Final Chapter of Order 636 - Agency encouraged to make changes to proposed natural gas flow ruleApril 14, 2008
Climate Change Legislation Could Cause Increased Price Pressure on Natural GasApril 22, 2008
Natural Gas Group Says President's Call for More Domestic Energy Production "Right on the Mark"April 29, 2008
New Report Says Natural Gas Production Could Drop Under Global Warming LegislationMay 5, 2008
Supplies of Natural Gas are Strong in U.S., Industry Spokeswoman Says May 22, 2008
Study Finds Lieberman-Warner Legislation Will Drive Up Demand for Natural GasJune 2, 2008
NGSA Calls for Adoption of Far-Offshore Drilling AmendmentJune 9, 2008
Deep Sea Drilling Amendment Will Be Good for Economy and Environment, Trade Group SaysJune 17, 2008
Shell and NGSA Amicus Brief on Force MajeureJuly 11, 2008
Natural Gas Supply Association Reacts to the President's Announcement on Offshore DrillingJuly 14, 2008
Natural Gas Supply Association Warns that America Will Still Need More Natural GasJuly 30, 2008
Liquified Natural Gas Important Part of Nation's Energy SupplyJuly 30, 2008
Far-Offshore Drilling Legislation Earns Praise Will Benefit Taxpayers, U.S. Economy, Natural Gas Spokeperson saysAugust 1, 2008
Natural Gas Production Gains Should Lead to Market Stability this Winter, NGSA SaysOctober 2, 2008
Presidential Debate Comment on "Use it or Lose it" Earns Correction from Natural Gas IndustryOctober 8, 2008
Natural Gas May Be Biggest Winner of Election Night. Industry congratulates President-elect Obama - But notes challenges aheadNovember 5, 2008
Natural Gas from Shale Could Double in Next Ten Years - But industry executives warn that high taxes, restricted land access and economic conditions could negatively impact outputNovember 21, 2008

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