Because of its abundance and low prices, natural gas offers an affordable path to a clean energy future that ensures no community is left behind

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  • Low natural gas prices have led to savings of nearly $50 billion for customers using natural gas for heating, cooking and clothes drying over the past four years. (Insert link to chart or embed image below)
  • Annual energy costs for residential customers using natural gas are projected to stay low through 2040.
  • Increased natural gas production is projected to increase U.S. household purchasing power by $30 billion by 2040, leading to:
    • Billions in increased revenues to federal, state and local governments
    • Millions in donations to community development
    • Up to 450,000 American jobs in natural gas and related support
  • Industrial customers have benefited from low U.S. natural gas prices, leading to new natural gas-intensive energy projects representing billions of dollars, supporting jobs and improving our global competitiveness.
  • Natural gas prices have remained stable through extreme weather events, even hurricanes