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Natural gas is an essential part of meeting our country’s ambitious goals of cleaner air, reliable, affordable energy and a growing, healthy economy.  Access to natural gas helps business and households strengthen their pocketbooks and their standard of living.

In order to attain these goals, adequate infrastructure must be in place for energy to reach consumers and it must operate efficiently, reliably and safely.

NGSA works actively on the following key policy issues related to natural gas infrastructure.

  • The rules for the review and permitting of proposed new infrastructure: NGSA supports regulations and practices with a clearly defined scope and reasonable timeline that maintain environmental protections.
  • Rates for the transportation of natural gas on interstate pipelines:  NGSA supports rate regulation that is fair and reasonable to shippers and customers.

Policy Issues

Natural gas infrastructure is critical to the U.S. economy, manufacturing and households.  NGSA advocates in the courts and at federal agencies on behalf of necessary infrastructure.  The links below represent only a fraction of NGSA’s numerous filings, statements and actions in support of infrastructure.  For a full listing, visit our “Filings and Testimony” and “Press Releases” pages and search using the “Infrastructure” tag.   

NEPA is a fundamental tool to ensure the appropriate protection of the environment in federal regulations, mandating that federal agencies consider environmental impacts of their proposed actions.  NGSA advocates for clear timelines and a clearly-defined scope for the effective implementation of NEPA by federal agencies, states and tribes so that needed infrastructure for economic growth can proceed with greater regulatory certainty and environmental protections.