Facts, charts and data about the natural gas market.

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Fact Sheet: Addressing Methane Emissions: Our Commitment to a Lower Carbon Energy Future Oct 05, 2020
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Chart: U.S. Recoverable Natural Gas Resources Almost Doubled in Last Decade Jul 21, 2020
Chart: Changes in Energy Mix 2018-2040; Natural Gas Widely Used Jul 06, 2020
Chart: Natural Gas Ensures Electric Demand is Met Throughout the Day Jul 06, 2020
Chart: Natural Gas is Critical Factor in America’s Industrial Renaissance Jul 06, 2020
Chart: EIA Outlook Projects Natural Gas Price Below $5 Through 2050 Jul 06, 2020
Chart: Natural Gas Consumption by Sector in the United States, 2018 Jul 06, 2020
Chart: Map of State Goals on Renewables and Carbon Reductions Jul 01, 2020
Chart: Increase in Electric Demand for Natural Gas Driven by New Gas-fired Generation and Temporary Switching Jun 29, 2020
Chart: Carbon Dioxide Reduction Leaders: 2005-2017 Jun 29, 2020
Chart: U.S. Leads the World in Carbon Reductions Thanks to Natural Gas 2005-2017 Apr 25, 2020
Chart: Future Industrial Use of Natural Gas Projected to Keep Growing 2019-2050 Mar 06, 2020
Understanding Producers, Marketers, Suppliers-NGSA’s members Jan 23, 2020
Understanding the Natural Gas Commodity Market Jan 23, 2020
Chart: A Day in the Life of a Marketing & Trading Organization Jan 18, 2020
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NGSA Carbon Price Position Fact Sheet Dec 03, 2019
Chart: Exports Grow as First Wave LNG Projects Materializes 2016-2020 Oct 03, 2019
Chart: Natural Gas Demonstrates Price Stability Through Extreme Conditions Oct 03, 2019
Chart: Natural Gas-Renewables Partnership: Path to Clean Energy Future Oct 03, 2019
Chart: Natural Gas Spurs $83 Billion Investment in Major Industrial Projects 2018-2023 Oct 03, 2019
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