The latest news and statements from NGSA.

NGSA and CLNG Statement on Senate Confirmation of Nominees to FERC Jun 13, 2024
NGSA Summer Outlook: Consumers to Benefit from Strong Storage and Production During Summer of Record Demand May 09, 2024
NGSA Statement on FERC-NERC Winter Storms Gerri and Heather Report Apr 25, 2024
NGSA Statement on FERC Action Addressing Pipeline Aggregation of Bids on Non-contiguous Capacity Segments Mar 21, 2024
NGSA and Center for LNG Joint Statement on White House Nomination of FERC Commissioners Feb 29, 2024
NGSA Statement on White House Halt of U.S. LNG Export Authorizations Jan 26, 2024
NGSA Statement on Winter Preparedness Jan 12, 2024
Gas-Electric Market Solutions Offered to FERC by Reliability Alliance of Natural Gas and Power Associations Nov 09, 2023
NGSA Statement on FERC-NERC Winter Storm Elliott Report Nov 08, 2023
NGSA Winter Natural Gas Outlook Projects Record Demand and Production Combining to Put Slight Downward Market Pressure on Natural Gas This Winter Oct 05, 2023
NGSA Disappointed in NAESB Gas-Electric Harmonization Forum Report Language Jul 31, 2023
NGSA Applauds NEPA Reforms in Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023 As a First Step Jun 02, 2023
Natural Gas Council applauds permitting provisions in Bipartisan Budget Agreement Jun 02, 2023
NGSA Welcomes Permitting Reform in Debt Limit Agreement May 30, 2023
NGSA Hails Senators’ Commitment to Meaningful Permitting Reform May 11, 2023
NGSA Says Natural Gas Council Letter to Senate on Permitting Reform Shows Need for Action May 02, 2023
NGSA Statement in Support of the Lower Energy Cost Act (H.R. 1) Mar 29, 2023
NGSA and Center for LNG Statement on new FERC Acting Chairman Willie Phillips Jan 04, 2023
Natural Gas Council expresses concern over proposed federal building electrification rule Dec 09, 2022
NGSA Winter Natural Gas Outlook: Weather, Storage and Thriving Exports to Place Upward Pressure on Natural Gas Despite Record Production Oct 05, 2022
Natural Gas Associations Welcome FERC New England Winter Gas-Electric Forum; Identify Opportunities to Address Reliability Sep 07, 2022
NGSA and Coalition Ask FERC to Adopt Rule on Pipeline Aggregation of Bids on Non-contiguous Capacity Segments Jun 03, 2022
NGSA Summer Natural Gas Outlook: Summer of Strong Production to Help Moderate Strains from Storage and Customer Demand May 11, 2022
NGSA Statement on CEQ NEPA Phase 1 Rule Apr 20, 2022
NGSA and CLNG Statement on FERC Redesignation of Policy Statements Mar 24, 2022
Natural gas trades write to seek meeting with President on natural gas supply solutions Mar 24, 2022
NGSA and CLNG Request Rehearing of FERC Updated Certificate and Greenhouse Gas Policy Statements Mar 18, 2022
NGSA and CLNG Statement on 2022 State of the Union Address Mar 02, 2022
NGSA Asks FERC to Prioritize Value of Reliability in Power Market Design Feb 22, 2022
NGSA Statement on FERC Votes to Modify Pipeline Certificate and GHG Policies Feb 18, 2022
Natural Gas Council Encourages Industry Partnership with Biden Administration on American and EU Energy Security Feb 10, 2022
Pipeline Trade Association Statement on Proposed Energy Product Reliability Act Jan 19, 2022
NGSA and CLNG Commend Senate Confirmation of Willie Phillips to FERC Nov 17, 2021
NGSA Winter Natural Gas Outlook: Economic Growth, Storage and Thriving Exports to Place Upward Pressure on Natural Gas Oct 07, 2021
NGSA Applauds CFTC EEMAC recommendation for subcommittee on market products Sep 15, 2021
NGSA and Center for LNG Statement on New U.S. Emissions Goals Apr 22, 2021
NGSA Applauds FERC Approval of Policy Statement on Carbon Pricing Apr 15, 2021
NGSA and the Center for LNG Request FERC Rehearing of Weymouth Compressor Order Mar 22, 2021
NGSA and Center for LNG Statement on new FERC Chairman Rich Glick Jan 21, 2021
NGSA Members Support Rejoining Paris Agreement Jan 20, 2021
NGSA and Center for LNG Welcome Incoming Biden Administration Jan 19, 2021
NGSA and CLNG Joint Statement on Senate Confirmation of Clements and Christie Dec 01, 2020
Proposed Carbon Pricing Policy Statement an Important Signal, NGSA Tells FERC Nov 16, 2020
NGSA CLNG Joint Statement on 2020 Election Nov 09, 2020
NGSA Praises FERC Action on Carbon Pricing Oct 15, 2020
NGSA Statement on CFTC’s Final Position Limits Rule Oct 15, 2020
Addressing Methane Emissions Essential to Achieving Cleaner Environment, Says NGSA Oct 05, 2020
NGSA Winter Natural Gas Outlook: Thriving Exports, Colder Winter and Slowing Production to Place Upward Pressure on Natural Gas Oct 01, 2020
NGSA Reaffirms Support for Carbon Pricing to Achieve Emissions Reductions Sep 30, 2020
NGSA-CLNG Statement on Modernization of NEPA Jul 15, 2020
Coalition Applauds FERC Decision to Hold Carbon Pricing Discussion Jun 18, 2020
NGSA-Center for LNG Commend EPA on Finalizing Rule on Clean Water Act Section 401 Modernization Jun 01, 2020
Power Generators, Industry Groups and Think Tanks Ask FERC to Examine Carbon Pricing Apr 14, 2020
NGSA And CLNG Commend Senate Confirmation Of James Danly To FERC 2018,DOE,Reliability, Mar 12, 2020
NGSA Commends Work On Capital Requirements Rule, Calls For Specific Improvements 2018,DOE,Reliability, Mar 04, 2020
NGSA Statement On FERC Action To Preserve Competition In NYISO 2018,DOE,Reliability, Feb 20, 2020
NGSA And CLNG Commend Administration On Renominating James Danly To FERC 2018,DOE,Reliability, Feb 13, 2020
NGSA Commends NARUC For Resolution Benefiting Consumers 2018,DOE,Reliability, Feb 12, 2020
NGSA Commends CFTC On Advancing Position Limits Proposal CFTC, Jan 30, 2020
NGSA Statement On INGAA President Donald Santa Retirement 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jan 23, 2020
NGSA-CLNG Statement on Modernization of NEPA Guidelines 2020,CLNG,Infrastructure,NEPA,Press Releases, Jan 09, 2020
NGSA Statement On FERC’s Action To Protect PJM Competitive Market 2018,DOE,Reliability, Dec 19, 2019
NGSA Statement On NPC Infrastructure And Carbon Capture Reports 2018,DOE,Reliability, Dec 12, 2019
NGSA Announces Support For Price On Carbon In Power Markets 2019,Carbon price,Markets,Power generation,Press Releases, Dec 03, 2019
NGSA Statement On Brouillette Confirmation As Secretary Of Energy 2018,DOE,Reliability, Dec 02, 2019
NGSA Cautions CFTC On Risk To Energy Innovation From Capital Investment Policies 2018,DOE,Reliability, Nov 07, 2019
NGSA Winter Outlook 2019-2020 Press Release: Record Demand and Ample Supply 2019,2020,Winter OUtlook, Oct 04, 2019
NGSA And CLNG Commend Administration On Nominating James Danly To FERC 2018,DOE,Reliability, Oct 01, 2019
NGSA CLNG Statement On EPA 401 CWA Proposed Rule 2018,DOE,Reliability, Aug 09, 2019
NGSA And CLNG Joint Statement On CEQ’s Draft NEPA Guidance 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jun 21, 2019
NGSA and Center for LNG Statement on EPA Clean Water Act Guidance 401,Clean,Clean Water Act,CWA,EPA, Jun 07, 2019
NGSA Commends Senate For Confirmation Of Heath Tarbert As CFTC Chairman 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jun 06, 2019
Exports And New Industrial Projects To Underpin Record-Setting Summer Demand For Natural Gas, Says NGSA Forecast 2019,Summer outlook, May 30, 2019
NGSA Summer Outlook 2019: Exports and New Industrial Projects to Underpin Record Setting Summer Demand for Natural Gas Says NGSA Forecast May 23, 2019
NGSA and CLNG Joint Statement on Executive Order Promoting Energy Infrastructure 2018,DOE,Reliability, Apr 10, 2019
CFTC Swap Execution Facility Proposal Risks Limiting Important Hedging Tool 2019,CFTC,Market transparency,Markets,Press Releases, Mar 15, 2019
NGSA Urges Prudential Regulators To Rethink End User Capital Requirements 2018,DOE,Reliability, Feb 14, 2019
NGSA Files Amicus On NY Program Undermining Wholesale Energy Markets 2018,DOE,Reliability, Feb 11, 2019
NGSA Statement on 2nd Circuit Vacating NY DEC’s Denial of Certification to National Fuel Gas Empire Pipeline Amicus,Infrastructure,NYSDEC,Pipeline infrastructure,Second circuit,Water certification, Feb 05, 2019
NGSA CLNG Statement On The Passing Of Kevin McIntyre 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jan 03, 2019
NERC Scenarios Too Extreme To Provide Guidance, Says NGSA 2018,DOE,Reliability, Dec 18, 2018
NGSA CLNG Statement On Confirmation of McNamee To FERC 2018,DOE,Reliability, Dec 06, 2018
Statement On Senate Committee Approval Of FERC Nominee Bernard McNamee 2018,DOE,Reliability, Nov 27, 2018
NGSA Statement On Change In FERC Chairmanship 2018,DOE,Reliability, Oct 25, 2018
NGSA Winter Natural Gas Outlook Projects Record Demand Matched By Record Production; Below Average Storage 2018,DOE,Reliability, Oct 03, 2018
NGSA Welcomes Senate Confirmation Of CFTC Commissioners Stump And Berkovitz 2018,DOE,Reliability, Aug 29, 2018
Natural Gas Council Report Examines Natural Gas Performance During Recent Extreme Weather Events; Underscores Preparedness 2018,Infrastructure,Markets,NGC,Reliability, Aug 06, 2018
LAWIQ To Provide Regulatory Analytics To NGSA 2018,DOE,Reliability, Aug 02, 2018
Brattle Group Report Shows Prevention of Retiring, Uneconomic Plants Could Cost $35 Billion Per Year 2018,Joint Effort,Markets,Power generation, Jul 19, 2018
Natural Gas Council Statement On Secure Resilient Natural Gas Systems 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jun 07, 2018
Broad Energy Coalition Condemns Action To Subsidize Failing Coal, Nuclear Plants 2018,Joint Effort,Markets,Power generation, Jun 01, 2018
Federal Intervention In Power Markets Would Needlessly Harm Consumers And Competitive Power Markets, Says NGSA 2018,Markets,Power generation, Jun 01, 2018
NGSA Projects Record Summer 2018 Demand 2018,Summer outlook, May 31, 2018
Unique Energy Coalition Submits Legal Analysis to DOE on Inappropriate Use of Emergency Authority for Retiring Power Plants 2018,DOE,Reliability, May 08, 2018
Section 202(c) Request Is Unnecessary And Poses Danger To Competitive Markets And Consumers, Says NGSA 2018,DOE,Reliability, Mar 30, 2018
Flawed Assumptions Cause NETL Report To Miss Mark, Says NGSA 2018,DOE,Reliability, Mar 28, 2018
NGSA Statement On FERC’s March Meeting Actions 2018,DOE,Reliability, Mar 15, 2018
NGSA-CLNG Statement on Administration’s American Infrastructure Initiative Energy security,Infrastructure,Initiative,Streamlining, Feb 12, 2018
NGSA Statement on State of the Union Address 2018,White House, Jan 31, 2018
Natural Gas Council Statement On State Of The Union Address 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jan 30, 2018
NGSA Statement On FERC Action On DOE NOPR 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jan 08, 2018
NGSA Statement On NERC Single Point Disruptions Study 2018,DOE,Reliability, Nov 14, 2017
DOE Proposal Should Not Be Adopted, NGSA Says In Reply Comments 2017,DOE,Press Releases,Reliability, Nov 07, 2017
Joint Energy Industry Associations Reply Comment 2017,Joint Effort,Markets,Press Releases,Renewables, Nov 07, 2017
NGSA CLNG Statement on Confirmation of Kevin McIntyre and Richard Glick To FERC FERC,Glick,McIntyre,NOPR, Nov 03, 2017
Energy Industry Associations File Comments With FERC Opposing Rule Proposed By Energy Secretary Perry To Subsidize Coal, Nuclear Power Plants 2017,FERC,Joint Effort,Reliability,Renewables,Solar,Wind, Oct 23, 2017
Grid Resiliency NOPR Lacks Basis And Should Not Be Adopted, Says NGSA 2017,FERC,Press Releases,Reliability, Oct 23, 2017
New York ZECs Program Discriminates Against Natural Gas, Undermines Competitive Power Markets, Says NGSA Amicus Brief 2018,DOE,Reliability, Oct 20, 2017
NGSA 2017-2018 Winter Outlook for Natural Gas – Press Release Demand,Exports,LNG,Supply,Winter OUtlook, Oct 04, 2017
2017-2018 NGSA Winter Natural Gas Outlook Projects Record Demand, Matched By Robust Production this Winter 2018,DOE,Reliability, Oct 04, 2017
Energy Industry Associations Call on FERC to Expand Deliberative Process Before Unprecedented Rulemaking 2017,DOE,Joint Effort,Reliability,Renewables,Solar,Wind, Oct 02, 2017
NGSA Identifies Improvements That Facilitate Cost-Effective Hedging In CFTC “KISS” Comments 2018,DOE,Reliability, Sep 29, 2017
NGSA Statement on Department of Energy Recommendation for FERC Action on Reliability in the Organized Markets 2018,DOE,Reliability, Sep 29, 2017
NGSA And CLNG Commend Senator Inhofe And Senator King For Pipeline Permitting Legislation 2018,DOE,Reliability, Sep 20, 2017
NGSA Statement On FERC Order Finding New York DEC Waived Authority on Millennium Pipeline Project 2018,DOE,Reliability, Sep 15, 2017
Natural Gas Producers File Amicus Brief In 7th Circuit: Illinois ZECs Program Discriminates Against Natural Gas, Undermines Competitive Power Markets 2018,DOE,Reliability, Sep 06, 2017
Natural Gas Industry Welcomes Department Of Energy Report On Electricity Market And Reliability 2018,DOE,Reliability, Aug 24, 2017
NGSA Statement On DOE Electricity Market and Reliability Report 2017,DOE,Reliability, Aug 24, 2017
NGSA Statement On Executive Order On Improving Infrastructure Review Process 2018,DOE,Reliability, Aug 16, 2017
NGSA And CLNG Commend Senate For Confirmation Of Neil Chatterjee And Rob Powelson As FERC Commissioners 2018,DOE,Reliability, Aug 03, 2017
NGSA Commends Senate For Confirmation Of Dan Brouillette As Deputy Secretary Of Energy 2018,DOE,Reliability, Aug 03, 2017
NGSA Welcomes Senate Confirmation Of CFTC Commissioners Quintenz And Benham And Chairman Giancarlo 2018,DOE,Reliability, Aug 03, 2017
NGSA Affirms Indices And Role Of Underlying Fundamentals 2018,DOE,Reliability, Aug 01, 2017
Natural Gas Council Releases Practical, Comprehensive Guide to Natural Gas Reliability and Resilience 2017,NGC,Reliability, Jul 31, 2017
Potential Gas Committee Report Shows Robust Growth 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jul 19, 2017
NGSA-CLNG Statement On Intent To Nominate Kevin McIntyre To FERC 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jul 14, 2017
NGSA-CLNG Submits Comments To Department Of Energy Encouraging Regulatory Certainty 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jul 14, 2017
Consumers Join With Natural Gas Industry In Amicus Brief Supporting Northern Access Project 2017,Infrastructure,Markets,Press Releases, Jul 07, 2017
NGSA Reaffirms Confidence in Indices and Voluntary Price Reporting at FERC Technical Conference Jun 29, 2017
NGSA CLNG Statement On Unleashing American Energy 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jun 29, 2017
NGSA Reaffirms Confidence In Market Transparency At FERC Technical Conference FERC,Market transparency,Price reporting,Safe harbor, Jun 29, 2017
NGSA-CLNG Statement On Intent To Nominate Richard Glick To FERC 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jun 29, 2017
Natural Gas Suppliers Warn of Consequences of State Subsidies 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jun 22, 2017
NGSA-CLNG Statement on FERC Nominee Approval 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jun 06, 2017
NGSA Policy Recommendations on Pace Global White Paper on Role of Natural Gas in Future Energy Mix 2017,Carbon,Climate,Environment,Markets,Power generation,Press Releases, Apr 20, 2017
NGSA Statement on PACE GLOBAL Report: Market Forces Driving Increased Use of Natural Gas, Cleaner Energy Mix 2018,DOE,Reliability, Apr 20, 2017
NGSA CLNG Statement on White House Executive Order That Rescinds CEQ GHG Guidance CEQ,Executive order,NEPA, Mar 28, 2017
NGSA Announces 2017-2018 Chairman and Officers Blue jenkins,Chairman,Election,Orlando alvarez,Scott moore,Secretary/treasurer,Vice chairman, Mar 06, 2017
NGSA -CLNG Joint Statement on Confirmation of Secretary Perry at Department of Energy Confirmation,Rick perry, Mar 03, 2017
Position Limits Reproposal Step in Right Direction CFTC,Position limits, Feb 28, 2017
CEA Report Underscores Importance Of Natural Gas Pipelines 2017,CEA,Infrastructure, Jan 16, 2017
NGSA Statement on New CFTC Position Limits Proposal CFTC,Dodd-Frank,Position limits, Dec 06, 2016
NGSA Signs Business Leaders Letter To President Elect Trump Election,NAM,President,Trump, Nov 15, 2016
Joint NGSA-CLNG Statement on 2016 Election 2016,White House, Nov 08, 2016
NGSA Winter Forecast Sees Growing Demand, Record Storage, Upward Pressure This Winter 2016,Winter OUtlook, Oct 05, 2016
NGSA Says 2nd Circuit Court Should Reject Ill-advised Attempt to Undermine FERC Environmental Review of Constitution Pipeline Constitution,Constitution pipeline,FERC,FERC 2nd circuit court, Sep 13, 2016
Natural Gas Customers and Producers File Amicus Brief Supporting Constitution Pipeline Constitution,Infrastructure,New York,Pipeline, Jul 20, 2016
NGSA Recommends Key Modifications to CFTC Supplemental Position Limits Rule CFTC,Position limits, Jul 13, 2016
NGSA Summer 2016 Outlook Projects Record Demand for Natural Gas Summer outlook, Jun 01, 2016
Natural Gas Infrastructure Essential to U.S. Economy, Environment and Energy Reliability Clean air,Environment,Infrastructure,Jobs,Reliability, May 19, 2016
NAM Report Underscores Economic Benefits Of Natural Gas Economic benefits,Infrastructure,Markets,NAM, May 03, 2016
Natural Gas Council Press Release on ICF Report on Methane Emissions, “Finding the Facts on Methane Emissions: A Guide to the Literature” 2016,Methane,NGC, Apr 26, 2016
NGSA Statement on Denial of Permit to Constitution Pipeline Constitution,Constitution pipeline project,DEC, Apr 25, 2016
NGSA Commends Senate for Bipartisan Energy Bill Improving LNG Facility Review Process Barrasso,Cantwell,Energy bill,Murkowski,Senate, Apr 20, 2016
Fuel Preferences Would Distort NY Market and Hurt Consumers, Says NGSA 2016,Markets,New York,Power generation, Mar 15, 2016
EEMAC (Advisory Group) Report Identifies Areas of Agreement on Position Limits 2016,CFTC,EEMAC,Press Releases, Feb 25, 2016
First LNG Export Cargo Launched 2016,Economic benefits,LNG,LNG exports,Markets, Feb 25, 2016
Natural Gas and LNG Suppliers Sound Warning on Feasibility and Consequences of Expansion of FERC Review Requirements 2016,CEQ,CLNG,FERC,LNG,NEPA, Jan 29, 2016
NGSA Pleased FERC Closely Monitoring Pipeline Rates Pipeline ROE,Section 5,Section 5 reform, Jan 21, 2016
NGSA Says Natural Gas Essential to Achieving Clean Power Plan Objectives Clean Power Plan,CPP,FIP, Jan 21, 2016
CLNG Appoints Executive Director and Completes Merger With NGSA 2016,CLNG,Press Releases, Jan 19, 2016
NGSA Statement on “DOE Macroeconomic Impact of Increasing U.S. LNG Exports” Report Baker Institute,DOE,LNG exports,Medlock, Dec 28, 2015
FERC Proposal on Price Formation in Regional Energy Markets Is Positive Step in Right Direction, Says NGSA 2015,FERC,Markets,Power generation, Nov 30, 2015
Robust Production, Near-record Storage and Growth in Electric and Industrial Demand This Winter, Says NGSA Forecast 2018,DOE,Reliability, Sep 30, 2015
NGSA Statement on LNG Exports in Senate Energy Bill 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jul 30, 2015
NGSA Urges Senate Support for Improved LNG Export Decision Process Barrasso,Energy bill,Energy legislation,LNG exports,Senate Energy, Jul 23, 2015
NGSA to Senate And House Energy Committees: Energy Legislation Must Facilitate Natural Gas Infrastructure, LNG Exports and Increased Transparency in Compliance Compliance,Energy legislation,House Energy,Infrastructure,LNG exports,Murkowksi,Senate Energy,Upton, Jun 19, 2015
NGSA Statement on Barrasso LNG Export Amendment Barrasso,House,LNG exports,Senate, Jun 18, 2015
NGSA Projects Record Summer 2015 Supply And Demand Coal retirements,Record demand,Record production,Summer outlook,Switching, Jun 04, 2015
NGSA and CLNG Announce Intended Combination CLNG, May 07, 2015
NGSA Statement On Department of Energy’s 2015 Quadrennial Energy Review Infrastructure,LNG,Pipelines,QER, Apr 21, 2015
NGSA Statement on FERC Decision to Retain Current Start to Gas Day FERC,Gas day,Gas-electric coordination, Apr 16, 2015
NGSA Statement on FERC Policy Statement on Standards for Evaluating Pipeline Surcharges and Trackers Cost-tracker,FERC,Modernization,Policy statement,Surcharge, Apr 16, 2015
NGSA Recommends Changes to Proposed CFTC Position Limits Rule 2018,DOE,Reliability, Mar 30, 2015
NGSA Says CEQ Proposal Overreaches; Calls on CEQ to Withdraw It CEQ,Energy projects,Guidance,NEPA, Mar 25, 2015
NGSA Recommends FERC Initiate Proceeding to Improve Outage Reporting FERC,Gas-electric coordination,Outage reporting, Mar 20, 2015
NGSA Calls for Deferment and Technical Conference on Cost-tracker Cost recovery,Cost-tracker,Pipeline modernization,Surcharge, Feb 27, 2015
Natural Gas Council + Broad Coalition: RTO Data Fails To Support Gas Day Changes 2015,Markets,NGC, Feb 03, 2015
NGSA Statement On Administration’s 2016 Budget Proposal Budget,Budget proposal,Infrastructure, Feb 02, 2015
NGSA Commends House Passage Of LNG Export Bill Clock,LNG,LNG exports,Streamlining, Jan 28, 2015
NGSA Says Tracker Is Wrong Approach to Pipeline Recovery of Modernization Costs Cost recovery,FERC,Modernization,Policy statement,Tracker, Jan 26, 2015
NGSA Statement on 2015 State of the Union Address and Natural Gas Infrastructure,Methane,Natural gas,SOTU, Jan 21, 2015
PJM Performance Proposal Positive Step In Right Direction, Says NGSA FERC,Fuel assurance,Gas-electric coordination, Jan 20, 2015
NGSA: Report Underscores Need For New England Infrastructure 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jan 12, 2015