NGSA advocates before Congress and at several government agencies, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Department of Energy, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency.

NGSA submits public comments as filings, letters or as testimony to provide relevant feedback to a proposed government rule or regulation or a report.  NGSA filings and testimony appear below beginning with the most recent.

NGSA CLNG Letter to DOE on MMRV Framework May 07, 2024
NGSA Letter on MMRV Framework May 07, 2024
Remarks of Patricia Jagtiani on behalf of the Natural Gas Supply Association FERC 2023 Reliability Conference Nov 15, 2023
Natural Gas & Power Industries’ Reliability Alliance: Exploring Real-Life Challenges with Ensuring Natural Gas Availability for Power and Joint Industry Suggested Mitigation Strategies Nov 14, 2023
NGSA and CLNG Joint Comments on CEQ Phase II Sep 29, 2023
Joint Comments on EPA NSPS and EGs for Power Plants Aug 10, 2023
Natural Gas Council Letter to Senate on Permitting May 02, 2023
Comments on the Notice of Interim Guidance on the National Environmental Policy Act Guidance on Consideration of Greenhouse Gas Emission and Climate Change Apr 10, 2023
Natural Gas Council Comments on NEPA GHG Guidance Apr 10, 2023
NGSA Comments to FERC on Duty of Candor Nov 11, 2022
NGSA Comment on EPA Sec. 401 Proposal Aug 08, 2022
Shipper coalition petition for rulemaking to prohibit non-contiguous capacity packaging Jun 03, 2022
NGSA and CLNG Joint Comments on the Draft Certificate Policy Statement Apr 25, 2022
NGSA and CLNG Joint Comments on the Draft GHG Policy Statement Apr 25, 2022
NGSA Comments to CEQ Supporting Notice of Interim Guidance Document, “Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration Guidance” [Docket No. CEQ-2022-0001] Apr 18, 2022
Joint Trades Letter to President Biden on Natural Gas Supply Solutions Mar 24, 2022
NGSA-CLNG Request for Rehearing of FERC Certificate and GHG Policy Statements Mar 18, 2022
Natural Gas Council Letter to Chairman Glick on Reliability Technical Conference Feb 23, 2022
NGSA Reliability Post-Technical Conference Comments [Docket No. AD21-11-000] Feb 22, 2022
NGSA Comments on CEQ NEPA Proposal Nov 22, 2021
NGSA Protest of PJM ‘Focused MOPR’ Aug 20, 2021
NGSA Comments in Response to EPA Notice of Intent to Reconsider 401 Certification Final Rule Aug 03, 2021
NGSA Comment on FERC’s Updated NOI on its Pipeline Certificate Policy Statement, Docket No. PL18-1-000 May 26, 2021
NGSA Comment to FERC Under Docket No. AD-21-9-000 Apr 26, 2021
NGSA Comments on FERC’s Proposed Price Indices Policy Mar 23, 2021
Weymouth Rehearing Request to FERC Mar 22, 2021
Joint NGSA CLNG Comments on FERC CWA NOPR Nov 18, 2020
NGSA Comments on FERC’s Proposed Carbon Pricing Policy Statement Nov 16, 2020
Dena Wiggins Prepared Remarks on Carbon Pricing at FERC Tech Conference Sep 30, 2020
Joint Association Reply Comments on FERC Waiver Availability Proposal Jul 02, 2020
NGSA Comments in Response to FERC Proposed Policy Statement on Limiting Waiver Availability Jun 18, 2020
NGSA Comments on NJ Board of Public Utilities Investigation of Resource Adequacy Alternatives May 20, 2020
NGSA Comments on ISO New England Fuel Security Proposal May 15, 2020
Comments to CFTC Market Risk Advisory Committee on Emerging Market Risk of Climate-related Financial Policies May 14, 2020
NGSA Comments on CFTC Position Limits Proposal May 14, 2020
NGSA Comments to CFTC on Position Limits for Derivatives May 14, 2020
NGSA-CLNG Comments on DOE Proposed Policy Statement to Extend LNG Authorizations Mar 12, 2020
CLNG-NGSA Comments To DOE LNG Export Authorization Extension 2017,CLNG,DOE,Filings&Testimonies,LNG exports, Mar 12, 2020
NGSA-CLNG Comments on Proposed Modernization of NEPA 2020,Climate,CLNG,NEPA, Mar 10, 2020
NCGA-NGSA Joint Comments – Non-bank Swap Dealer Capital Requirements 2018,DOE,Reliability, Mar 04, 2020
Natural Gas Coalition Letter On Natural Gas Act Hearing 2020,Congress,NGC, Feb 04, 2020
Joint Amicus Merit Brief in Support of ACP at the Supreme Court 2018,Infrastructure,Supreme Court, Dec 09, 2019
NGSA Initial Comments In Response To New York State Public Service Commission Inquiry On Resource Adequacy 2019,Markets,New York,Reliability, Nov 08, 2019
NGSA Remarks on Risk from Climate Financial Policies – CFTC Energy and Environment Matters Advisory Committee 2019,CFTC,Markets, Nov 06, 2019
NGSA-CLNG Joint Letter on Strategic Energy For America Act 2018,DOE,Reliability, Nov 06, 2019
NGSA Comment on EPA’s Water Quality Certification Proposed Rule [Docket No. EPA-HQ-OW-2019-0405-0025] 2018,DOE,Reliability, Oct 21, 2019
Natural Gas and Broad-based Home/Housing Coalition Comments on Department of Energy’s Residential Furnace and Water Heater Energy Conservation Standards” Docket No. EERE-2018-BT-STD-0018 2016,Economic benefits, Sep 10, 2019
NGSA Comment On Double E Pipeline Project [Docket No CP19-495-000] 2019,Infrastructure, Sep 04, 2019
Joint NGSA and CLNG CEQ Guidance Comments 2019,Climate,CLNG, Aug 26, 2019
Natural Gas Council Letter in Response to DOE Request for Information 2019,DOE,Reliability, Aug 23, 2019
CFTC Filing- SDR Requirements Impact the Market 2019,CFTC,Filings&Testimonies,Market transparency,Markets, Jul 29, 2019
NGSA Reply Comments On FERC NOI To Explore ROE Methodologies [Docket No PL19-4-000] 2019,FERC,Infrastructure, Jul 26, 2019
NGSA Comments On FERC NOI To Explore ROE Methodologies [Docket No PL19-4-000] 2019,FERC,Infrastructure, Jun 26, 2019
Joint NGSA-CLNG Letter On Section 401 Of The Clean Water Act 2019,Infrastructure,Water, May 24, 2019
NGSA Comments On Swap Execution Facilities And Trade Execution Requirement 2018,DOE,Reliability, Mar 15, 2019
NGSA Joint Amicus Brief In Support Of Atlantic Coast Pipeline In 4th Circuit 2018,DOE,Reliability, Mar 05, 2019
NGSA-NCGA Joint Comments on Proposed Rulemaking on SA-CCR Capital requirements,Corn Growers,End users,NCGA,SA-CCR, Feb 14, 2019
NGSA Supreme Court Amicus Brief On New York ZECs Program 2018,DOE,Reliability, Feb 11, 2019
NGSA-CLNG CEQ NEPA Comments 2018,CLNG,NEPA, Aug 28, 2018
NGSA Comments on De Minimis Exception to CFTC Swap Dealer Definition [RIN 3038-AE68] 2018,DOE,Reliability, Aug 21, 2018
NGSA-CLNG Comments on CEQ Proposal to Update NEPA Regulations, 83 Fed. Reg. 28,591 CEQ,NEPA, Aug 21, 2018
Request For Rehearing Of FERC Order Regarding ISO-NE’s Waiver Request For Mystic 2018,FERC,ISO NE,Reliability, Aug 01, 2018
NGSA Comment On FERC Pipeline Certificate Policy 2018,FERC,Infrastrucrue, Jul 26, 2018
NGSA Comment on ISO-NE Fuel Security RMR Waiver Request [Docket No ER18-1509-000] 2018,ISO NE,Reliability, May 23, 2018
NGSA Comments on RTO/ISO Grid Resilience Submissions 2018,FERC,Reliability,RTO,Subsidies, May 09, 2018
NGSA Says RTO Submissions Show Confidence in Pro-Market Solutions 2018,Markets,Power generation, May 09, 2018
Gas-Power-Renewables-Efficiency Energy Associations Legal Analysis of DOE Use of Emergency Authority for Aging Power Plants 2018,Joint efforts,Markets,Power generation,Renewables, May 08, 2018
NGSA Comments In Response To PJM Capacity Market Proposals [Docket No ER18-1314-000 Et Al 2018,Markets,PJM, May 07, 2018
NGSA Comments In Support Of The Commissions Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking On Tax Act Of 2017 2018,FERC,Taxes, Apr 25, 2018
NGSA Response To Department of Energy Request Under 202(C) Of FPA 2018,DOE,Reliability, Apr 17, 2018
NGSA Response To DOE Request Under 202(C) Of FPA 2018,DOE, Apr 16, 2018
NGSA Constitution Pipeline Amicus Brief Provided To The Supreme Court 2018,DOE,Reliability, Feb 20, 2018
NGSA Petition For Show Cause Proceedings Re Tax Changes 2018,FERC,Infrastructure,ROE,Tax rate, Feb 02, 2018
NGSA Protest of Aspect of ISO-NE CASPR Proposal 2018,ISO NE, Jan 29, 2018
NGSA Letter to FERC Requesting Action on Pipeline Rates Due to Corporate Tax Rate Reduction 2018,FERC,Infrastructure,ROE,Tax rate, Jan 17, 2018
Joint Industry Reply Comments Opposing The DOE Proposal 2017,DOE,FERC, Nov 07, 2017
Reply Comments Of NGSA Under RM18-1-000 2017,FERC, Nov 07, 2017
Joint Energy Industry Comments On DOE NOPR Docket Number RM18-1-000 2017,DOE,Reliability, Oct 23, 2017
NGSA Comments on DOE NOPR Docket Number RM18-1-000 2017,DOE, Oct 23, 2017
NGSA API Second Circuit Amicus Brief on New York ZECs 20Second, Oct 20, 2017
Joint Energy Industry Association Motion On DOE Letter NOPR To FERC 2017,DOE,FERC,NOPR,Reliability, Oct 02, 2017
NGSA Comments In Response To CFTC Project KISS RFI 2018,DOE,Reliability, Sep 29, 2017
Joint Energy Trades Letter To House Energy & Commerce Committee On Grid Reliability Sep 14, 2017
NGSA Amicus Brief In 7th Circuit Asking For Reversal On Illinois ZECs 2018,DOE,Reliability, Sep 06, 2017
NGSA Comments SDR Reporting Roadmap 20SDR, Aug 21, 2017
NGSA And Other Industry Groups Letter To Leader McConnell And Leader Schumer Supporting The Confirmation Of Nominees 2018,DOE,Reliability, Aug 03, 2017
NGSA Post Technical Conference Comments AD17-12 2017,FERC, Aug 01, 2017
NGSA CLNG – DOE RFI Comments 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jul 14, 2017
Amicus Brief Filed by NGSA and Other Customer and Industry Groups Supporting Northern Access Project in U.S. Court of Appeals Second Circuit Joint Effort,Supreme Court, Jul 07, 2017
NGSA Comment On CFTC CCO Duties Amendments 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jul 07, 2017
NGSA/INGAA/Trades letter to House E&C supporting HR 2910 to improve interagency coordination of pipeline review Jun 22, 2017
NGSA Comments in Response to FERC State Subsidies Technical Conference [Docket No. AD17-11-000] 2017,FERC,Markets,Power markets, Jun 22, 2017
NGSA Comment On Birdsboro Pipeline Project [Docket No. CP17-409-000] 2017,Infrastructure, May 30, 2017
NGSA and the National Corn Growers Association Comment on Capital Requirements 2018,DOE,Reliability, May 17, 2017
NGSA Comment On Eastern Panhandle Expansion Project [Docket No. CP17-80-000] 2017,Infrastructure, May 12, 2017
NGSA Comment On Northeast Supply Enhancement Project [Docket No. CP17-101-000] 2017,Infrastructure, May 12, 2017
NGSA Comment On Atlantic Coast Pipeline Project DEIS Under CP15-554 et al 2017,Infrastructure, Mar 10, 2017
NGSA Comments on FERC NOI on Policy for Recovery of Income Tax Costs [PL17-1-000] 2017,FERC, Mar 09, 2017
NGSA Comments on CFTC Reproposed Position Limits Rule CFTC,Comments,Position limits, Feb 28, 2017
NGSA Comment On Spire STL Pipeline Project [Docket No. CP17-40-000] 2017,Infrastructure, Feb 27, 2017
Joint Energy Associations’ Letter to White House on Need for FERC Quorum 2017,FERC,Joint Effort,White House, Feb 02, 2017
NGSA Comment In Support Of Atlantic Sunrise Project Approval In,In support, Jan 31, 2017
NGSA Letter to White House Calling for Expeditious FERC Nomination 2017,FERC,White House, Jan 27, 2017
NGSA Comment in Support of Atlantic Sunrise Project Certificate Approval [Docket No. CP15-138-000] 2017,Infrastructure, Jan 18, 2017
NGSA Federal Reserve Comments on Bank Capital Requirements – Environmental Liability Capital requirements,Federal Reserve, Dec 15, 2016
NGSA Comment in Support of MISO Competitive Retail Solution [Docket No. ER17-284-000] 2016,Markets,Power generation, Dec 14, 2016
NGSA Letter to New York State DEC Regarding New Market Project DEC,Dominion,New Market,New Market Project,NYSDEC, Sep 13, 2016
NGSA Letter To NYSDEC Re Dominion New Market Project 2016,Infrastructure,New York, Sep 12, 2016
NGSA Second Circuit Intervenor Brief in Support of FERC on the Constitution Pipeline Proceeding 2018,DOE,Reliability, Sep 12, 2016
NGSA Comments On NYPSC ZEC Proposal 20On, Jul 21, 2016
NGSA-NCGA Comments On Final Supplemental Position Limits Rule 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jul 13, 2016
NGSA Comment On Second Installment Of DOE’s Quadrennial Energy Review 2016,DOE, Jul 01, 2016
NGSA Comment on Mountaineer Xpress Project [Docket No. CP16-357-000] 2016,Infrastructure, Jun 03, 2016
NGSA Comment Opposing Algonquin Request for Waiver of Capacity Release Provisions [Docket No. RP16-618-000] 2016,Infrasturcture, May 31, 2016
NGSA Comments to NAESB Board of Directors Regarding FERC Directive in Order 809 2016,FERC, May 27, 2016
NGSA Comments On CFTC Proposed Guidance Under RIN3235-AL93 2018,DOE,Reliability, May 09, 2016
Joint Comments on Regulated Automated Trading With Edison Electric Institute and Electric Power Supply Association 2016,CFTC,Joint Effort,Market transparency, Apr 25, 2016
NGSA Comment On Transco To Charleston Project [Docket No. CP16-98-000] 2016,Infrastructure, Apr 08, 2016
NGSA Comment on NAESB GEH Forum Meetings to Address Directive from FERC Order 809 2016,FERC,Reliability, Apr 05, 2016
Reply of NGSA in Support of Motion to Intervene in Second Circuit on Constitution Pipeline Proceeding Constitution pipeline project,Second circuit, Mar 18, 2016
NGSA Filing On NY Public Service Commission’s 2016 Clean Energy Standard Staff White Paper Clean Energy Standard,Market distortions,NYPSC,ZEC,ZECs, Mar 15, 2016
NGSA Motion to Intervene in Second Circuit on Constitution Pipeline Proceeding Constitution pipeline project,FERC 2nd circuit court,NEPA, Mar 08, 2016
NGSA and CLNG Comments On FERC Draft Guidance Manual [Docket No. AD16-3-000] 2016,CEQ,Climate,CLNG,FERC,NEPA, Jan 29, 2016
NGSA Comment on Connected Entities NOPR [Docket No. RM15-23-000] 2016,FERC,Reliability, Jan 22, 2016
NGSA Comments on Proposed Federal Plan for Clean Power Plan (Docket ID: EPA-HQ-OAR-2015-0199) 2016,Climate,CPP,EPA, Jan 21, 2016
NGSA Comments on Swap Dealer De Minimis Exception Preliminary Report 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jan 15, 2016
NGSA Comment On Northeast Energy Direct Project [Docket No. CP16-21-000] 2016,Infrastructure, Jan 06, 2016
NGSA Comment On NEXUS Project [Docket No. CP16-22-000] 2018,DOE,Reliability, Dec 28, 2015
NGSA Comments in Support of FERC Energy Price Formation Reforms [Docket No. RM15-24-000] 2018,DOE,Reliability, Nov 30, 2015
NGSA Comment On Atlantic Bridge Project [Docket No. CP16-9-000] 2015,Infrastructure, Nov 24, 2015
NGSA Comment On Equitrans Expansion Project [Docket No. CP16-13-000] 20000,Expansion Project, Nov 24, 2015
NGSA Comment On Mountain Valley Pipeline Project [Docket No. CP16-10-000] 2018,DOE,Reliability, Nov 24, 2015
NGSA Final Comments on CFTC Notice of Supplemental Rulemaking on Aggregation of Positions 2018,DOE,Reliability, Nov 13, 2015
NGSA Comment On Access South, Adair Southwest & Lebanon Extension Projects [Docket No. CP16-3-000] Nov 12, 2015
NGSA Comment On PennEast Pipeline Project [Docket No. CP15-558-000] Pipeline infrastructure, Oct 29, 2015
NGSA Comment On Atlantic Coast Pipeline Project [Docket No. CP15-554-000] Pipeline infrastructure, Oct 23, 2015
NGSA Comment On Supply Header Project [Docket No. CP15-555-000] Pipeline infrastructure, Oct 23, 2015
Supreme Court Brief of NGSA, Electric Power Supply Association and Western Power Trading Forum: Case of Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith, et al v. Greg Manning Amici brief,Amicus brief,Merrill Lynch,Supreme Court, Sep 10, 2015
NGSA Comments On Capacity Release Recall Rights Provisions [Docket No. RM14-2-002] Capacity release; FERC; recall rights, Aug 21, 2015
NGSA Comments On Section 206 Conformance Filings RTO; gas/electric coordination, Aug 13, 2015
NGSA Comment On Sunbury Pipeline Project [Docket No. CP15-525-000] Infrastructure,Pipeline application projects, Aug 05, 2015
NGSA Comment On Coastal Bend Header Project [Docket No. CP15-517-000] Infrastructure,Pipeline application projects, Jul 16, 2015
NGSA Comment On Leach XPress Project [Docket No. CP15-514-000] Infrastructure,Pipeline application projects, Jul 13, 2015
Answer of NGSA to Request for Clarification of PGC and AF&PA, and Comments on Answer From INGAA [Docket No. PL15-1] Jun 30, 2015
NGSA Comments on CFTC Proposed Rule on Trade Options 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jun 22, 2015
NGSA 2015 Energy Bill Letter to House Energy and Commerce Leadership Compliance,Energy legislation,House Energy,Infrastructure,LNG exports,Pallone,Transparency,Upton, Jun 19, 2015
NGSA 2015 Energy Bill Letter To Senate ENR Leadership 2015,Congress,Joint Effort, Jun 19, 2015
Natural Gas Council Letter to Chairman Bay of FERC On NAESB Timing 2015,FERC,NGC,Reliability, May 19, 2015
NCGA NGSA Reauthorization Letter House Final 05112015 2018,DOE,Reliability, May 11, 2015
NGSA Comments On Atlantic Sunrise Project [Docket No. CP15-138] Infrastructure,Pipeline application projects, Apr 27, 2015
NGSA Comments On Dalton Expansion Project [Docket No. CP15-117] Infrastructure,Pipeline application projects, Apr 27, 2015
NGSA Comments On Northern Access 2016 Project [Docket No. CP15-115] Infrastructure, Apr 27, 2015
NGSA Position Limits Comments – Post-EEMAC Position limits, Mar 30, 2015
Letter From Joint Coalition On CEQ Draft Guidance for NEPA Reviews 2015,CEQ,Joint Effort,NEPA, Mar 27, 2015
Letter From Natural Gas Council On CEQ Draft Guidance for NEPA Reviews 2015,CEQ,NEPA,NGC, Mar 27, 2015
NGSA Comments on Rover Pipeline Project [Docket No. CP15-93] FERC,Infrastructure,Pipeline, Mar 27, 2015
NGSA Comments on CEQ Draft Guidance for NEPA Reviews CEQ,Guidance,NEPA,Revised draft guidance, Mar 25, 2015
Joint Price Formation Principles (NGSA, EPSA, EEI, ANGA, NEI) [Docket No. AD14-14] 2015,FERC,Joint Effort,Markets,Power generation,Renewables, Mar 20, 2015
Letter From Natural Gas Council On RTO and ISO Fuel Assurance Reports [Docket No. AD13-7] 2015,Infrastructure,NGC,Reliability, Mar 20, 2015
NGSA Comments On RTO and ISO Fuel Assurance Reports [Docket No. AD13-7] Fuel assurance, Mar 20, 2015
NGSA Reply Comments on Pipeline Modernization Surcharge [Docket No. PL15-1-000] Cost recovery,Cost-tracker,FERC,Pipeline modernization, Feb 26, 2015
Comments of Natural Gas Council + Broad Natural Gas Coalition on RTO/ISO Data Request Submissions 2015,FERC,Filings&Testimony,Infrastructure,Joint Effort,NGC, Feb 02, 2015
NGSA Letter To Senate Energy & Natural Resources Supporting S.33, the “LNG Permitting Certainty and Transparency Act” Jan 28, 2015
NGSA Comments on FERC Proposed Policy Statement on Cost-Recovery Mechanisms for Modernization of Natural Gas Facilities Cost-tracker,Docket No. PL15-1-000,Modernization,Pipeline,Surcharge, Jan 26, 2015
NGSA PJM Capacity Performance Comments [Docket ER15-623-000] 20000,Capacity Performance, Jan 20, 2015
NCGA-NGSA Comments: CFTC Proposed Interpretation of Volumetric Options 2018,DOE,Reliability, Dec 22, 2014
NGSA and National Corn Growers Association: Comments on CFTC Proposed Margin Rule 2018,DOE,Reliability, Dec 02, 2014
NGSA Supreme Court Amicus Brief (With INGAA and IPAA) In Re Western States Wholesale Natural Gas Antitrust Litigation 2018,DOE,Reliability, Sep 25, 2014
Supplemental NGSA Comments On CFTC Proposed Position Limits Rule Final 8.4.2014 CFTC,Natural gas,Position limits,Spot month, Aug 04, 2014
NGSA Comments On CFTC Proposed Position Limits Rule 2018,DOE,Reliability, Jun 30, 2014
NGSA Recommendations to Improve CFTC Swap Reporting Requirements 2018,DOE,Reliability, May 27, 2014
NGSA Letter to House Energy & Commerce Urging LNG Export Support Apr 28, 2014
NGSA Letter to CFTC Calling For Seven Element Test Clarifications Regarding Volumetric Optionality (with CMC and NCGA) 2018,DOE,Reliability, Apr 17, 2014