Long-term Outlook for Natural Gas

The long-term view of natural gas that it will be an essential partner to the clean energy future because of its environmental qualities, reliability and economic impact and because of its vast abundance in the United States.

The U.S. Energy Information’s forecast to 2050 proves out this view.  You can read EIA’s latest Annual Energy Outlook here.

Winter and Summer Outlooks for Natural Gas

For a more short-term forecast, NGSA works with outside experts to produce seasonal forecasts and assessments of the short-term prospects for natural gas over the upcoming winter heating season or summer cooling season.

NGSA’s forecasts rely on outside experts to analyze five factors:  weather, economic growth, demand from residential, industrial, commercial, export and electric power customers, storage and production to predict whether pressure on prices will be upward, downward or neutral.

Information from our latest Summer and Winter Outlook forecasts is available below.

For all your Winter market questions, check our our helpful Q&A, executive summary and videos.

Latest NGSA Summer Outlook for Natural Gas

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