NGSA's mission is to ensure natural gas customer and policymaker support for competitive and efficient market principles
that support the long-term viability of natural gas in the U.S. economy.

Analyses and Studies

Natural Gas Council Report: Weather Resilience in the Natural Gas Industry: The 2017-18 Test and Results and Executive Summary

Brattle Group Report: The Cost of Preventing Baseload Retirements A Preliminary Examination of the DOE Memorandum

NGSA Summer Outlook 2018

Energy Ventures Analysis report:

Summer Outlook for Natural Gas 2018

Executive Summary Summer Outlook 2018

Background material: “Summary of Average Historic Summer Henry Hub Natural Gas Prices”  (May 31, 2018)

Top 40 Producers of Natural Gas in the U.S. – 2018 2nd Quarter (posted August 2018)
Related Files:  Previous Top 40 Reports

Natural Gas Council White Paper: Reliability and Resilience of Natural Gas Systems (July 2017) Related Files: NGC One-page Fact Sheet on Reliability/Resilience of Natural Gas Systems (July 2017)

PACE GLOBAL Report: Natural Gas: Essential to a lower carbon energy future

PACE GLOBAL Report: with NGSA Recommendations

Natural Gas Council report:  “Finding the Facts on Methane:  A Guide to the Literature” by ICF International summarizes 75 different analyses of methane emissions since 2010 and provides an overview of data surrounding methane emissions from natural gas systems (April 26, 2016)  Related Files:  Natural Gas Council Summary of “Finding the Facts” (1 page)

IHS Report  “The Economic Benefits of Natural Gas Pipeline Development on the Manufacturing Sector” (May 3, 2016)

fercFERC State of Natural Gas Market Overview
(March 17, 2016) 

EIA Short-term Energy
 Outlook for Natural Gas
More Analyses and Studies Here


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