NGSA supports the ambition of achieving economy-wide net zero GHG emissions by 2050, consistent with our support for the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Natural gas is an essential building block of a cleaner energy future for all – today and tomorrow.

Today we are helping the environment by reducing the world’s carbon emissions and partnering with renewables.

As leaders in the natural gas industry, we are working toward an even cleaner tomorrow, as we evolve with the energy transition and invest in technologies to achieve our goal of net-zero emissions.

Our Plan:

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Natural gas can quickly power up to make electricity if the weather temporarily doesn’t cooperate with renewables.

Together with renewables, we have driven emissions to their lowest points in more than 25 years and that progress continues to grow.

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National Bureau of Economic Research study:  “Bridging the Gap:  Do Fast Reacting Fossil Technologies Facilitate Renewable Energy Diffusion?” 2016  “We show that a 1% percent increase in the share of fast-reacting fossil generation capacity is associated with a 0.88% percent increase in renewable in the long run. These results are robust to various modifications in our empirical strategy …”  and “Our analysis points to the substantial indirect costs of renewable energy integration and highlights the complementarity of investments in different generation technologies for a successful decarbonization process.”

Increased use of natural gas to generate electricity has contributed to billions of tons in carbon dioxide (CO2) savings in the United States.  In fact, the U.S. Energy Information Administration attributes 25-year lows in CO2 emissions to greater use of natural gas along with renewables.  Because of natural gas, the United States has led the world in CO2 reductions, and that trends looks like it will continue.   The energy industry is continuing to develop technologies and practices to reduce carbon emissions with a goal toward reaching net zero carbon and a cleaner energy future for all. NGSA members support the Paris Agreement, which is a path to net zero carbon emissions.

NGSA supports the ambition of achieving economy-wide net zero GHG emissions by 2050, consistent with our support for the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Our member companies are developing innovative solutions that will reduce or eliminate carbon and methane emissions entirely in the future.

We are finding ways to remove carbon so that it is basically no different than solar or wind, and that is an achievable outcome

The natural gas industry is lowering cost for the consumer, maintaining grid reliability and actively reducing methane emissions from all parts of our supply chain.  NGSA members are committed to:

  • Reducing methane emissions and making significant investments in processes and technologies to address emissions and reduce flaring;
  • Improving the quality of methane data to achieve greater transparency and promote better understanding of the challenges in methane emissions;
  • Increased voluntary efforts and reasonable government policies;
  • Scientifically sound, cost-effective and flexible methane policies and regulations to allow for efficient implementation, future technology deployment and continuous improvements.

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