Because of its environmental characteristics, increased use of natural gas has driven billions of tons in carbon dioxide (CO2) savings in the United States. As nations seek to reduce their emissions and provide cleaner air, many will turn to LNG as a natural gas source.

  • Global demand for natural gas is rapidly growing, particularly in Asia.
  • In order to meet growing demand for electricity, countries will need to integrate their renewable growth with stable baseload power in the form of natural gas.

Building a clean energy future in an affordable and reliable way will require strategic use of our resources.

Natural gas works with renewables to ensure smooth transitions when the weather does not cooperate with electric demand.

Many countries now require utilities to lower emissions and to use more wind and solar energy. Natural gas is enabling both of these advancements to take place – in an affordable way.

Natural gas-fired plants help meet energy needs, advance clean air goals and cycle on and off rapidly to coincide with daily peaks in demand for electricity – and they are faster, more affordable and use less land than other power plants.